My Disguise (*signed*)

@ Stölzgen, Dana

N/A - AV0158


Text on first front page :

then skin
and through my disguise
someone is looking at me."

“I photographed women of my own age, in their mid-thirties. Why? Because by this age, we know ourselves a little and we are still able to reinvent ourselves. We’re not sure of the future and we feel insecure. Our bodies are changing, but remain desirable. We have already suffered some inner or outer wounds, and so we are fragile.

It was all of these moments in the life of a woman that I wanted to convey – not through words, but through photography.”

   -– Dana Stölzgen

Half cover, large format (A3) on thick stock 270g, thread stitching. Limited Edition of 45 copies.

16 pages - Softcover

Dienacht Publishing, 2014 (45 copies)


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  • Pubisher's presentation: "Dana Stölzgen has made a tremendously tender book. Time seems to stand still in the landscape shots, close ups and interiors exactly as in the portraits of young girls, adult and old women. But actually time expands. Into the past and into the future. In perfect moments the old feel the same way as they were young again and the...

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