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Publisher's presentation:

"The Album project consists of found photographs. The images employed in the project have lost their original function (memory). To be more specific, no one remembers anymore what is depicted in these photographs, and why they were taken. The most comprehensible signs in the photographs are the notes and the marks of time on their back. The reverse sides of the photographs displayed in the installation and in the book eliminate the primary function of the non-verbal message. Only the notes and the time-worn surfaces allow the perceiver to interpret the « invisible » story. However, one is always aware that something else is there."

This project is based on a collection of found photographs, where the characters - and theirs sotries - are unknown. The only meaningful traces then being the texts written at the back of the images. The artist consequently chose to display only these backs, assembled together in some sort of collages, with the emphasize on the texts... A photobook without any (visible) photography.

Each copy of this Limited Edition book includes one photograph taped ( with the back showing) on the first endpage.

Traditional Japanes book binding. Text in Lithuanian by Ričardas Šileika.

This book was shorlisted for the "Author Book Award" at the Rencontres d'Arles Festival 2015.

A reivew and comments on this work are available on the blog The Photobook.

48 pages - Softcover

NoRoutine Books, 2015 (100 copies)

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