Let Me Out (*signed*)

@ Hishinuma, Isao

N/A - AV0152

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Presentation by the artist :

"Something unknown lurking in everyday life somehow stole into me. 
I shout inside my heart, swirling inside. 
It's like pieces of a puzzle, in disassembled shapes and incomprehensible."

56 pages - Softcover

Zen Foto Gallery, 2015 (500 copies)


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  • Publisher's presentation: "Kazuo Kitai had dropped out of university just six months after entering the Photography course in the Art Department of Nihon University in Tokyo. As he puts it himself: «I didn't listen to anything my teachers said». He had been living in Kobe, and even as a teenager used to visit the ateliers and exhibitions of the Gutai...

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  • .Sold out.Presentation on the publisher's page : "Ash refers to the ashes of death: «In the cycle of life, one goes back to where one came from, all souls return to their creator. » Year 2009 marked the fifth year of my project «Going Home», yet the number of pictures that I took in the Three Gorges region gradually declined. Practical reasons made it...

  • Quick view Yamamoto, Masaki
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    .In stock.Presentation by Zen Foto Gallery :  "Masaki Yamamoto’s highly anticipated first photobook presents one of the most daring family portraits in Japanese photography. Shot entirely in his family’s tiny apartment, with walls yellowed from cigarette smoke, broken doors and trash covering the ground, Yamamoto’s unashamed, uncompromising...

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