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Publisher's presentation :

"The work Range examines the analog history of photography within the digital torrent that is its current technological manifestation.

It is the latest iteration of Umbrico's larger project Moving Mountains, in which the artist rephotographs a selection of canonical masters' photographs of mountains —the oldest and seemingly most stable of subjects— with a variety of the newest smartphone camera apps."

This book by Penelope Umbrico is a blazing kaleidoscope ! An impressive and colorful head-spinner of iterative images spelled out and developed in all hues of the color spectrum... The inclusion of up-side-down images, the careful use of the folds of the Lerorello binding, and a skillful use of superimposed shapes & patterns reinforce the sensation of a "dazzling vertigo", somewhere between enchantment and dizziness...

This book is categorized by Aperture as a "Limited Edition" (no reprint).

68 pages - Hardcover

Aperture, 2014 (500 copies)

New - Mint condition

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Umbrico, Penelope

Penelope Umbrico (born in Philadelphia, 1957) graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto, and received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York. She offers a radical reinterpretation of everyday consumer and vernacular images. Photo : ©wernercohn.com
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