Diente de Chucho (*signed*)

@ Valera, Juan Diego


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"Observe the state of confusion and permanent alert of a disoriented photographer in an unknown place. Immersed in uncontrollable situations. Evoking apparently common landscapes and spaces. Here, the human factor is used as a reiterative ingredient of straightforward images from an author unable to separate the emotional from the objective. Photographs desperately taken during a 28 day inquiry in Ciudad de Guatemala."

144 pages - Hardcover

Ca L'isidret, 2014 (500 copies)


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  • .Currently out of stock.Presentation by the artist : "Un Universo Pequeño is my imagining of the universe in 2.5 seconds and 10 linear metres of street. The project is a 2.5-second-long feature film comprised of images and sequences which reference the beginning of things – technology, religion, the universe, the street, love, matter and its different...