Modoru Okinawa

@ Kitajima, Keizo



Gomma Books' presentation :

"1975. Okinawa, Japan. The Vietnam War has just ended.
Koza City is where the Kadena U.S. Air Force base is located.
The B-52s that attacked North Vietnam took off from here.

With the end of the war the city becomes the epicenter of a celebrative rush that lasts for a few years.
The city experiences a momentary crazed and raucous time.
A cacophonic spell where Japanese culture collides and becomes intimate with African-American trends and culture.

Keizo Kitajima documents Koza city in the post Vietnam War era

Ultimately it became a successful, popular shock wave.
It all dies off with the advent of the 1980s.
Keizo Kitajima visits Koza city regularly during those years and he executes a vital work, a crucial and important piece of documentary photography.
During those years Keizo realizes that the photographic exploration of reality is everything but small talk or commentary: it is an observation detached from any sentimentalism, a way to go further than what meets the eye and to document what is beyond the simple appearance."

Text by Christian Caujolle.

Numbered copies. Limited Edition of 1000.

136 pages - Hardcover

Gomma Books, 2015

New - Mint condition

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  • Presentation by Keizo Kitajima on the publisher's website: "IMAGE SHOP CAMP, an independent gallery, opened in 1976, at multi-tenant building located at 2 chome street in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district. Six graduates of « WORK SHOP Daido Moriyama class » including me were participating. This is where I showed my photos of Tokyo from January to December 1979,...

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