Ground (*signé*)

@ Yamatani, Yusuke

N/A - AV0122


Ground is a reference to the floors of the concert halls and clubs where Yusuke Yamatani spent a lot of time as a teenager and many years after that. These floors are strange surfaces covered in footsteps, alcohol spills, dirt, sweat and many other things mixed... These abstract motifs are inserted in the narration among th portraits of people met during these nights in Tokyo.

A quite surprising approach, and an original way (of the cerebral type ?) to render the nightlife and the nightly encounters.

88 pages - Softcover

Lemon Books, 2014


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  • Yuji Hamada's Statement : "This is a photo book of a series of images that try to capture and seize light. Originally shot under the name «Pulsar» between 2005 and 2006, it was retitled «photograph» when published at P.G.I.(Photo Gallery International, Tokyo) in 2013. Based on the fundamental thought «I want to paint light on photographic paper», I...

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