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Presentation of the project by the artist (full text in the "More Info" tab) :

" (...) In 1997, I visited the Museu da Revolução in Maputo. As a history student, the exhibitions depicting the struggle for independence were enormously fascinating. An old warrior, dressed in rags, worked as attendant and led me around as the sole visitor of this deplorably dilapidated museum. Years of civil war between Frelimo and Renamo had hampered restoration of the building. Since opening in 1978, time there seemed to have stood still.

The conversation with the attendant inspired me to read The Struggle for Mozambique (1969) wherein the author, Frelimo founder Dr. Eduardo Mondlane, described the origin of the independence struggle. Impressions of both the museum and of Mondlane’s book formed the prelude for my masters’ thesis entitled A double liberation (1999), which dealt with the role of women in the struggle for independence in Mozambique.

It wasn’t until six years later that I became familiar with the photographic work of Dutch journalist Frits Eisenloeffel (1944-2001). As early as the nineteen-sixties, he became interested in the then fascist Portuguese state and its colonies. After prolonged colonial wars, control was waning and it would only be a matter of time until Portugal finally lost the grip on her overseas territories. The high toll exerted by the colonial wars was the impulse behind the Carnation Revolution of April 1974. This bloodless military coup by soldiers from various progressive leftist groups ended the fascist era. Directly after these events, Eisenloeffel travelled by military transport to Mozambique and Guinea-Bissau to report on the imminent independence for left-wing newspapers and magazines, including het Parool and especially de Groene Amsterdammer.

The cataloguing of Eisenloeffel’s oeuvre was the stimulus for my third trip to Mozambique in 2013 and the resulting work Looking for M. The concept of Looking for M. is a conscious departure from the traditional journalistic method, being rather a personal and almost anachronistic approach in which both substantive and aesthetic synergy arises between the artistry and perception of two Dutch photographers working in different eras.(...)"

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