J'ai perdu ma tête

@ Granser, Peter



J'ai perdu ma tête translates to I lost my mind.

Excerpt from the text inserted in the book:

"Because two years when you have your mind, it is so long!

But when you don't have your mind, I didn't see two years of my life going by. I didn't speak. So I can't remember, I don't remember anything at all. I'm only getting my mind back now. I didn't see two years of my life."

The project was realized in 2009 in the closed ward  "2c" of the psychiatric clinic "Centre Hospitalier spécialisé de Navarre à Evreux (France)".

This book contains 3 inserts. The texts are available in French, English and German.

104 pages - Hardcover

Marraine Ginette Éditions / Edition Taube, 2014

New - Mint condition


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