Rules of the Road

@ Fomenko, Vitaly

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Publisher's presentation:

"In the Fall of 2014 the world witnessed with confusion, how, headed by the ambitious adventurer Putin, fraternal Russia invaded the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

This Project reinterprets the problems involved in political territory and movement through Soviet worn-out prints from the 80‘s Sevastopol State Traffic Inspectorate.

Traffic lights give an institutional order to the public displacement. A simple color system, a symbolic cultural attempt to control, to guide and to warn, determines rhythm in a city. Red means «stop», Green «go» and Yellow «take precautions: think before making a decision».

Space and time, as well as history and limits are determined by a political construction".

All photographs belonged to Vitaly Fomenko’s father personal collection of his years as a public officer in the Sevastopol State Traffic Inspectorate.

Text edited by Martin Bollati.

Design by Ilkin Huseynov.

NB : Each copy of this book is hand-made and hand-bound, and variations and imperfections may consequently appear within this edition as part of the creation and production process.

40 pages - Softcover

RIOT Books, 2015 (250 numbered copies)

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