Grand Circle Diego (*imperfect*)

@ Costilhes, Cyril

N/A - AV0104


.One copy found in a forsaken box (April 2021)!.

Presentation by AKina Books:

"Bay of Diego Suarez. strip of land in the far north of Madagascar.
a terrible accident
10 years later, Cyril Costilhes comes back to close the circle,
the descent into his heart of darkness begins.

There is danger lying there, Diego
it's like smoking on a sea of gasoline
Don't fall in love,
don't you fucking fall in love here.

A dark and disturbing presence is lurking beneath the obscene jungle and the outskirts of Diego and its enigmatic dwellers.
Cyril Costilhes went looking for it, through the mirror of a Diego Suarez of the mind.
A lynchian photographic tale of fallen utopias and broken relationships.

«I have this crazy idea of transforming this suffocating situation into something positive that would give sense to all this.
Turn the ugly into beautiful»"

A dark and tormented book, a story where the characters are "semi-absent", in a vegetal, mineral, visceral atmosphere...

NB: This book is long sold out and quite hard to find. Our copy, although new and sealed in the original shrinkwrap, has unfortunately one bumped corner (front cover, bottom right - see photos)

144 pages - Hardcover, no DJ

Akina Books, 2014 (800 copies)

Format : 16 x 23 cm

New - Condition: see note above

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