Je ne peux pas comprendre Eddy (*signed*)

@ Smith, Andrew G



Presentation by the artist Andrew G. Smith:

"I still have no idea what was driving him. It's easy to flippantly say that he was a monster, or «The Cannibal», or to document the palmarès. But, given the manner of those vitories, it's a mystery."

Je ne peux pas comprendre Eddy (I cannot comprehend Eddy) is a tribute to Belgian bicycle racer Eddy Merckx, using screen captures from TV set and blowed-up images from newspaper clippings.

A surprising book that - eventhough it pretends to try to decipher the mystery of "The Cannibal" - offers us images from the races that are blurry and hard to read, only adding to the mystery... Despite this paradox, the book has a mesmerizing effect that is very surprising as reading it, you really have the feeling that you are trying to enter and unravel the mystery of this man and his motivation !

60 pages - Softcover

bymyi, 2014 (50 copies)

*Signed & Numbered*

New - Mint condition