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Artist presentation of the project:

"As I held the camera with both hands, the «unique calmness» which exists in the Tsugaru region was gently pushing my back. Eleven years have passed since I started taking pictures for this series.
The moment I get focused on a subject, I feel like my body has disappeared. It is as if I myself have turned into an eye that looks through the viewfinder. The weight of the camera has already gone. As this eye, I first gravitate towards the subject, then stand next to it, and at last we blend into one and I become it."

With a text (in Japanese and English) by Kenji Takazawa.

WARNING: The copies we have show the slightest trace of bump at the top of the back, with a tiny crease to the DJ at this spot.

80 pages - Hardcover with DJ

Hakkoda, 2013

New - Mint condition apart from the imperfection mentioned above

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Tomiya, Masako

Masako Tomiya started photography during her high school years, and then studied in Osaka and Tokyo in the 2000s. From that time she began taking pictures of the Tsugaru area where she was born. Tomiya wonders what is the most important thing in this era of continuous change. To transmit this question to the next generation, she will be based in Japan and will continue to express herself by taking pictures.
  • Publisher's presentation: "Masako Tomiya is a photographer originally from the region of Aomori, north Japan. She has lived in Tokyo for years, and one day, she received news that her sister and sister-in-law, who live near her hometown, were both pregnant. This news inspired Tomiya’s series Kito, a reflection on identity, family, transmission and the...

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