Dusk Steals the Daylight

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Dusk Steals the Daylight
is made of 4 A2-size double-sided posters with 8 images from Lorenzo Vitturi's Dalston Anatomy series (Self Publish, Be Happy, 2013) and a 12-page booklet of poetry by Sam Berkson, all inserted in a hand-made and unique cover with a fabric overlay (African-style fabric from the Ridley Road market in the Dalston district, London). The cover is held close with a strap.

4 posters and 12-page booklet in a fabric-covered cardboard cover

Fishbar, 2014

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Vitturi, Lorenzo

Lorenzo Vitturi is an Italian photographer living in London. His first book Dalston Anatomy (Self Publish Be Happy, 2013) about the Dalston neighborhood in London, appeared in many lists of the best photobooks of the yea. The series has been exhibitied in many countries worldwide. In 2017 he publishes Money Must Be Made , again with Self Publish Be Happy, a dive into the buzzing and colorful Balogun Market in Lagos, Nigeria. © Portrait by Giulia Civardi
  • Presentation by Self Publish Be Happy: "Money Must Be Made takes us straight to the heart of the « Balogun Market » in Lagos, Nigeria. Continuing to explore themes such as globalization, urbanization, colonialism and capitalism, Vitturi has spent the past three years working on the project. The many streets that host the « Balogun Market » sprawl from the...

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  • .Sold out.Publisher's presentation: "Land Without Past is a deeply personal photographic essay on growing up in a small village in the north of Germany and a meditation on the relationship contemporary Germany has with its past. Documenting the quiet, precise way in which people conduct their lives, the obsession with making everything new and the almost...