Printed Web No. 1

@ Soulellis, Paul



Printed Web #1 was born in the mind of Paul Soulellis, an artist fond of visual art, graphic design and photography, and a connoisseur of the unsuspected treasures specific to the Internet in these areas.

Presentation of the project, adapted from Paul Soulellis' website :
"[In 2013], when I started Library of the Printed Web, I had no idea what it would become or where I'd go with it. Since then, the collection grew, I carried the entire collection in a suitcase to Italy and talked about it during the opening of the Venice Biennale, published a catalog, was written about in Milan and Melbourne and was featured in The New Yorker—twice.

But best of all, I've been introduced to a ton of new work and I've met some incredible artists. And I've created a critical space—a kind of home, a platform—for work that interests me, as well as my own work. I thought about this a lot in Iceland, and decided that while LotPW continues to grow, it needed a physical venue to present new work.

Either a physical space, or a publishing space.

Seth Siegelaub passed away in June. I definitely had him and his work on my mind this fall when I decided to ask a dream team of web-to-print artists to contribute to an exhibition in publication form. I said they could each have six pages to do whatever they want, as long as the content came from the web. I was thrilled that each of them immediately said yes.

Printed Web #1 was born, featuring new work from Joachim Schmid, Christian Bök, David Horvitz, Penelope Umbrico, Clement Valla, Benjamin Shaykin, Chris Alexander, Mishka Henner and &. Kenneth Goldsmith interviewed me for his six pages, which turned into this piece, so he asked me to print it out and publish it. So that's in there too."

NB : The magazine, in large newsprint format, will be shipped flat, non-folded.

60 pages - Newsprint

Library of the Printed Web, 2014

New - Mint condition

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