Afghanistan Inside Us (*w/ Print*)

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Maksymilian Rigamonti, a Polish reporter who has already receive several prices and awards, spent several months in Afghanistan, embedded in the Polish troops engaged in the coalition lead by the United States.
During his several stays, he shared the life, the missions, the anxiety, the fear of his comrades.

This book, sequenced in chapters each introduced by a short text (by Agnieszka Zawadowska, Jaroslaw Wlodarczyk, Maksymilian Rigamonti, Pawel Reszka, Jan Grarup, "Oficer XIII zmiany PKW Afganistan" and Eva Rubinstein), tells the story of shared moments of daily life, of boredom, but also of the missions, the attacks, the casualties, and death.

Afghanistan Inside Us is an impressive body of work because it was made - and lived - at the heart of the action, among the troops; and it is also a beautiful project that takes us in these men's lives, with images so close to the ever so palpable tension in the life of these military men at war with the Afghan guerilla.

Original Polish title: Afganistan Jest W Nas.

On the faux-leather cover, the title is embroidered on a Velcro, with the other part glued to the cover.
Included, a Black & White print tipped-in on the next-to-last page.

160 pages - Softcover (faux-leather)

BIS Agency, 2013 (600 numbered copies)

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