Cactus and Tail (*signed*)

@ Shiraishi, Chieko



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The series of Black & White images composing Cactus and Tail is a gallery of places, objects, animals that Chieko Shiraishi came across while travelling Japan, over a 10-year period.

Not a single human soul in these images, yet the human "being" is really present throughout the book..
First because the houses, the odd objects, the quirky or intriguing places portrayed often call for questions such as "who built this?", "why is it that way?", "what is the purpose of this?", but also - and mostly - because the book seems to be centered around the gaze, the act of lookin, the eye and the perception. The eyes of the animals are very present, even the objects appear to have eyes... It sems that the artist is constructing a game of watching / watched and she succeeds, in this book, in suggesting a form of poetry using simple yet elegant images.

64 pages - Hardcover w/ DJ

Tosei Publishing, 2008


New - Mint condition