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under the city lies a sea (*signed*)

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Under the city lies the sea [APE#035] is the first book by Belgian artist Stine Sampers, whose images have generated a lot of interest on the web in the recent years, in blogs and photography websites.

An interesting interview of the artist, about her work and this book more specifically is available on the Belgian magazine "The Word" (in English).

Here is a short excerpt :
The Word :
"- Where does the book's title come from? What are you looking to express through its title?"

 Stine Sampers :
"- It's part of a line from a piece I wrote when I was sixteen… The complete sentence reads: «Under the city lies a sea, where all the melancholic find their tears.» To me, it still expresses a kind of invisible bond between the inhabitants of a city, something that inspires me to create imaginary plot lines between people, things and places with my photos. By means of showing a certain intimacy, you get to see that people are actually all really alike. The same things affect them, the same city (or world) breaks them. Those similarities are the sea, that lies underneath the surface. By organizing these intimate moments as a series of photographs, things connect."

76 pages - Softcover

Art Paper Editions, 2013


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