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Publisher presentation:

"One Another features images mainly taken at night in St Petersburg and Berlin. Leaden-coloured scenes, greasy spoon cafés, empty halls and old hotel rooms that seem to echo with traces of the past. And people’s faces…… hurried glances, small awkward gestures, hands searching for support, the signs of grief or desparation in the corner of an eye – people breaking through the glass of loneliness.

For Alisa Resnik, photography is the way to stop a moment and look deeper into reality, to step past the often painful dichotomy between subject and the object:

«You roam the world looking for the moments you can stop and turn into an act of perception, looking for a revelation, looking for a mirror.»

After - among others - Bruce Gilden, Simon Norfolk, Paolo Pellegrin, Jacob Aue Sobol, Ambroise Tézenas, Klavdij Sluban, Christophe Agou, Davide Monteleone and Alessandro Imbriaco, this bookk was the winner of the "European Publishers Award for Photography" in 2013, and is published by 5 publishers, in 5 languages. Here in the English language.

120 pages - Hardcover

dewi lewis publishing, 2013

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Resnik, Alisa

Alisa Resnik is a Russian-born photographer based in Berlin. She moved to photography in 2008 after studying philosophy and Art History in Berlin and Bologna. Her photography work is intimate and in a dark color palette; often in nightly settings, she depicts with empathy the fragility of all beings. In 2013, she won the European Publishers Award, and her project "One Another" was published simultaneously in five countries and five languages. We are offering the English version (Dewi Lewis Publishing) and the French version "L'un l'autre" (Actes Sud). The work of Alisa Resnik was included in 2018 in the collective exhibition curated by Marie Sordat "Eyes Wild Open", at Le Jardin Botanique in Brussels. In 2021, Alisa Resnik publishes with Editions lamaindonne her second photobook "On the Night that We Leave" which appears to be wanderings but is in fact the path and the story of the photographer, of the woman, always in an intimate and powerful bond with the night. © Portrait (uncredited) taken from the inDeauville website in the context of the exhibition of Resnik's work during the 2019 Planches Contact festival in Deauville, France.
  • Presentation by Editions lamaindonne: [translation L'Ascenseur Végétal] " « From Berlin to Saint Petersburg, passing through Odessa or Italy, the ultimate location of this photobook is the night. Alisa Resnik crosses it, explores its entrails, on a path to meet it, in the desert streets and landscapes where few stealth figures creep in, in the pale...

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