Floating (Eclisse No.9)

@ Boivin, Thomas

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Thomas Boivin, over the course of a 12-month period, committed to go everyday to the Buttes-Chaumont park, in Paris. Floating is the result of this process, of this creative discipline, of this encounter with this park, this place that has a very specific geography of his own, and with his visitors.

Floating is a floating, a loss of references, in space, in time, in meaning... This somewhat mysterious book, that includes images one would like to enlarge as in Antonioni's "Blow-up", captures something of this place, points of view and angles of course, an atmosphere, and also introduces us to its visitors, distants figures, wild or happy faces, weird moments, to form a portrait that is obviously subjective or biased but beautiful, surprising, and attractive...

Of course, we have to mention the production of this book, by the expert hands of Akina Books. The foldout design, the sequence and layout of the images, the hand-sewn binding, all this makes of Floating a precious little object of a book !

36 pages, some with foldouts - Softcover, closed with a piece of thread

Akina Books, 2013 (Eclisse series #9)

New - Mint condition

Boivin, Thomas

Thomas Boivin is a French photographer. Thomas is well known for his portrait work and his long term dedication to photographing the streets and the people of Paris, especially in the North-Eastern districts of Belleville and Ménilmontant. Among the photobooks he has published: "Floating" (Akina Books, 2013), "A Short Story" (self-published, 2015) and "Belleville" (Stanley / Barker, 2022). © Portrait by Anna Rakhvalova
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