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Doug Rickard, famous for working with images from the Internet, with vernacular photography and archives, brings us with TOM a series of images made by one or several still unknown photographers : stolen images of women walking in the streets of Los Angeles.

The title TOM comes from "peeping Tom", and the book, a very coherent work with a really great design, is a form of reminder that "Big Brother" is still and always watching us, even more so today than in the 70's, when these images were made...

Unpaginated - Hardcover, riveted binding, in an illustrated cardboard slipcase

Little Big Man, 2013 (300 copies - 100 for each cover)


New in plastic sleeve - Mint condition

  • Ce livre est une réédition (élargie de 30 images) d'une première édition parue chez White Press en 2010 qui avait reçu d'excellentes critiques et fût rapidement épuisée. Cette réédition est parue conjointement chez Aperture et chez Walther König en 2012. Doug Rickard a parcouru pendant deux ans des endroits reculés des États-Unis via Google Street View et...

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    .One copy from a forgotten box!.Publisher's presentation : "These photographs were taken in Shanxi Province in northwest China. They document old customs originating from pagan ritual practices. They are, in effect, a voodoo-esque form of totem worship. A number of these ancient customs still survive and remain some of the most important cultural...

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