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Doug Rickard, famous for working with images from the Internet, with vernacular photography and archives, brings us with TOM a series of images made by one or several still unknown photographers : stolen images of women walking in the streets of Los Angeles.

The title TOM comes from "peeping Tom", and the book, a very coherent work with a really great design, is a form of reminder that "Big Brother" is still and always watching us, even more so today than in the 70's, when these images were made...

Unpaginated - Hardcover, riveted binding, in an illustrated cardboard slipcase

Little Big Man, 2013 (300 copies - 100 for each cover)


New in plastic sleeve - Mint condition

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    This photobook is a second edition (with the addition of 30 images) of a quickly sold out book published by White Press in 2010. THis second edition was published jointly by and through Aperture and Koenig Books, London in 2012. PLEASE NOTE: We are offering here the Koenig Books, London version. Presentation of the Aperture edition: "Doug Rickard's A New...

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    .One copy from a forgotten box!.Publisher's presentation : "These photographs were taken in Shanxi Province in northwest China. They document old customs originating from pagan ritual practices. They are, in effect, a voodoo-esque form of totem worship. A number of these ancient customs still survive and remain some of the most important cultural...

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