Eternal Chase

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Eternal Chase
by Tamiko Nishimura is the road book of a young woman during her trips to several remote places of Japan, as a student in the late 60's and as a young professional and simple traveller in the 70's.

The images in this book are incredible, first because of the density of the blacks and the sparkling of the whites... grainy photographs that both transform these trips in an imaginary and almost supernatural tale, and also give them the force of a descriptive novel by fully attracting and immersing the viewer in the image. A very strong and unusual sensation emerges from these pages...

Really great images and a beautiful book on all accounts, that will invite you to open it again and again!
Texts by Hirashima Akihiko and Nishimura Tamiko, in Japanese and English.

WARNING : The copies we have were unfortunately damaged during the trip from Japan to France, and they all are slightly bumped to the corners. That said, please note that the illustrated dustjackets, that were shipped separately, are in mint condition.

142 pages - Hardcover with illustrated DJ

grafica, 2012

New - No defect except as mentioned above

  • Presentation by the artist Tamiko Nishimura: "On a bitterly cold and rainy night a friend came to stay. Silence hung heavy in the fading light, and I felt a  dread of the long oppressive night ahead. Staring directly at my friend I felt a kind of impatience, of repugnance, of annoyance. I could run away any time. I began to think I really shouldn’t be...

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  • .Sold out.Publisher's presentation : "The book Shikishima is a series of photographs taken during 1969-72 on the artist Tamiko Nishimura’s journeys around the Tohoku, Hokuriku, Kanto, Kansai, and Chugoku regions of Japan. To accompany the exhibition shikishima in Zen Foto Gallery in early 2014, Zen published a reprint of the 1973 edition of Shikishima,...