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is the account of the long period of time photographer Hajime Kimura spent among the Matagi community, in a remote mountainous region of Japan.
The artist had discovered this people in a book, when he was still a student, and had been fascinated by the images, and by the story of their way of life.
In a limited number of very powerful images, Kimura takes us to the very heart of this community, into the earth and soil they live on, into their work as farmerss.
This book has an obvious beauty, lavishly printed, with very deep and superb contrasts. It is a tribute to the Matagi people and their way of life, and also a true photographic body of work, both coherent and powerful.


In August 2013, Kodama won the IPA Photo Book Asia Award 2013.


56 pages - Hardcover with DJ

Mado-sha, 2012 (400 copies)

*Signed* - w/ print

New - Mint condition