First Journey Home (*signed*)

@ Kominek, Misha



96 pages - Hardcover, no DJ

Kominek Books, 2013


New - Mint condition

First Journey Home is the result of Misha Kominek's travels throughout Poland, made in 1997 after his graduation from university; his first trip alone to his homeland, after leaving it with his family for Germany when he was twelve.

Misha Kominek shoots a galery of portraits that echo his childhood in Poland.

This return, as presented in these book, shows that the artist is attracted to the people, their lives, their attitudes and their activities. In the images, one can easily feel an affinity with the persons and places portrayed, probably memories as well, as Misha Kominek - this may be abvious - did not choose to show what any of us would have brought back from Poland...

This books is full of warmth and empathy. It mixes city and country, straight portraiture and "snapshot" moments, sometimes with a mischievous eye, sometimes with a more solemn look.

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