A Head With Wings

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Un trou dans un mur, des montages d'images coupées et assemblées avec un résultat souvent en déséquilibre, un texte décalé (en anglais) qui nous explique cette narration et nous y perd.... Un livre très étrange qui a figuré dans de nombreuses listes des meilleurs livres de l'année 2011.


Ce livre a été présélectionné pour le prix du meilleur premier livre à Paris Photo 2012 (Paris Photo - Aperture Foundation "First Photobook Award").


Design par Hans Seeger - Avec inserts et pages dépliantes.


28 pages - Relié sans jaquette

Little Brown Mushroom, 2011

Neuf dans pochette plastique - Aucun défaut

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"“Do you see something there? Why are you standing still all of a sudden?” With those words begin Anouk Kruithof’s trip into the Little Brown rabbit hole. Using hand-made montages of photographs she took in Belize, Mexico, Egypt, Morocco and Berlin, Kruithof spins a hallucinatory yarn of anxiety and desire."

Kruithof, Anouk

Anouk Kruithof (born 1981 in Dordrecht, the Netherlands) is a Dutch artist whose exhibitions and books merge social, conceptual, photographic, performance and video. She is best known for her artist's books Happy Birthday to You which was praised by Martin Parr and A Head with Wings that was praised by critic Jörg Colberg. Photo: ©self-portrait
  • Pixel Stress by Anouk Kruithof is a mixed-media artwork, with the first step being an image search in Google with the keyword "stress", then processing the image to obtain a pixelated version by enlarging the original to 3200%. Then, in the second phase of the project, the artist set-up a little installation on Wall Street in NYC to engage passerbys in...

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  • Publisher's presentation: "Immersed in collector Brad Feuerhelm’s vernacular photo collection, artist Anouk Kruithof moved into a bungalow where she developed a niche relationship with the photos and transformed the image archive. She visualizes scenarios in which images, through the imaginary space of our conception, and parallel to digitization, leap...

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  • .Sold out. We are offering a copy of the first edition of this book (green cover), when the second edition (brown cover) is already hard to find...Presentation by Little Brown Mushroom: "In House of Coates, writer Brad Zellar pieces together the story of legendary recluse Lester B. Morrison. Working from a handful of encounters and contradictory...