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Sandrine Lopez
meets Moshé

Excerpt from Moshé, text by Christophe Van Rossom, Feb. 2012 :

"This is not a set of photographs.

Let's go further: this is something much more than a particular project. Never does Moshé show anything, tell anything or claim anything. It is an experience, an asceticism, a form of groping in the night worlds.

Moshé could be this: a ceaselessly reiterated interrogation. A blinking look shifting between curiosity and terror,into the depths of the being. And, no less, upon the unfathomable power of what keeps him standing before us, in flesh and spirit. Terribly naked, tragically fragile. And yet there, intensely so, despite the troubles, the hardships, the tragedies and the gazes.


So, the body, the flesh, the face, and the ink on paper (another voice). But contrary to what it may seem, eschewing an intimate or introspective perspective. Moshé is a treatise that takes both from the negative confession and the conjectural essay. What it contains is an invitation to consider the improbable force of opposition to absolute oblivion or to the repeated nightmare that we name History. The position of a frail hand, the curve of wrinkled eyelids or the profile of this unique being as shown by Sandrine Lopez is anything but ludicrous. For they do not reveal Moshé so much as they reveal herself, ourselves, as body and soul. Our wounds and our cracks, so many, so evident. But further still the inexplicable fire that supports us and keeps us standing despite Time's obscuring and Death that permanently nurtures us."

The full text of the essay Moshé by Christophe van Rossom is in French and English.

144 pages - Hardcover

d&books / L'éditeur du dimanche, 2017 (400 copies)

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Lopez, Sandrine

Sandrine Lopez is a photographer focusing - with great humanity - on characters of life, and her work is mostly portraits. Moshé is her first book; she has also documented for another long-term project  (in a very intimate setting, similar to the one seen for Moshé ) the life of a middle-aged man called Dominique who suffered a severe head trauma. Sandrine Lopez ' website. Portrait © Cédric Gerbehaye