L'Unghia del Leone

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"...The indistinct scenes that appear before us are coming from a trail of memories, and family's tales, intertwined with the photographer's own wondering.
It is an exploration into the dreams and fears. The book connects place and memory, disconnected from the passage of time. It is not about the past or the future, or about the present, but still, it is a closely woven tale of history and identity..."

Texts and afterword by Lina Pallotta in Italian and English.
This book is a second edition; the first one published by Witty Kiwi in 2014.

64 pages - Softcover

Witty Kiwi, 2016 (500 copies)

Format : 15 x 21 cm

New - Mint condition

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    Introduction by Lina Pallotta.Texts in Italian, and in English in a small booklet that comes with the book.96 pages - Softcover Witty Kiwi, 2014 (150 copies) New - Mint condition

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