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Work Book 1969-2006

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Publisher's presentation:

"This is the first complete monograph dedicated to the work of the Italian photographer Gabriele Basilico, who is recognised internationally as one of the most important contemporary landscape photographers. With more than 300 photographs included – from Glasgow to Tel-Aviv, from Milan to Beirut – it is a comprehensive overview of a major figure whose career has spanned almost 40 years.

Born in Milan in 1944, Gabriele Basilico first studied architecture. This early training is reflected in his work and shows in his understanding of the landscape and architectural form. His landscapes avoid human presence and explore the complex interrelationships between the built environment and the natural one.

Gabriele Basilico’s work has been widely exhibited in major international galleries worldwide and he has published over a dozen books on individual proejcts for publishers such as Thames & Hudson, Scalo, Phaidon and the Stedelijk Museum. This, however, is the first time that the extensive range of his work has been published in a single volume."

240 pages - Hardcover

Dewi Lewis, 2006

Format : 28 x 24 cm

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Basilico, Gabriele

Gabriele Basilico is an Italian photographer, known mostly for his work around cities and cityscapes, urbanism and architecture. He actually studied architecture at the university Politecnico di Milano. Among his important photobooks: "Basilico Berlin" (Thames & Hudson, 2002), "Beirut 1991" (Baldini Castoldi Dalai, 2003), "Scattered City" (Le Point du Jour, 2006). The Italian publishing house Humboldt Books released several small books working from the artist's archive: "Iran 1970" (2015), "Morocco 1971" (2016), "Glasgow 1969" (2017) and "Non Recensiti" (2021). © Portrait taken form the website of The Eye of Photography ( credit : Giorgia Fiorio, Courtesy Studio Gabriele Basilico )
  • Publisher's presentation: "In the summer of 1970, Gabriele Basilico set off from Milan in a Fiat 124, nominally heading for Kabul. The journey towards India was a rite of passage for the flower children generation, and Basilico had plans to take a series of photos to then sell on to some magazine. The journey didn’t quite turn out as planned, but in his...

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  • Presentation by Humboldt Books: " In 1976, Gabriele Basilico was in Rimini for a project on the Grand Hotel. It was here that he met a number of artists who were performing at the Lady Godiva, the next-door nightclub. Intrigued, he shot a few photographs and was struck by the willingness of the artists to pose for him. In the meantime, the sun was setting...

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  • Presentation by Le Point du Jour: "Au cours des cinquante dernières années, l'espace urbain a connu des transformations sans précédent, et notamment le développement de zones périphériques dans lesquelles la ville traditionnelle se défait. Scattered City ("La ville dispersée"), réalisé entre 2001 et 2004 à travers le monde, s'attache à rendre visible,...

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