(Altre) Avventure di Pinocchio

@ Tricoli, Lorenzo

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Presentation on the website of the photographer Lorenzo Tricoli (excerpt) :

"An original tale of Italy’s XXth Century.

Italy’s XXth Century is narrated through extracts of Carlo Collodi’s novel, matched to a selection of Italian images coming from the web.

An artist photobook, surreal and conceptual. An angry and ironic piece of art.

« The real motivation came from a feeling of indignation, and it pushed me to realize the project. A feeling of anger and consternation in front of international mockery for the public and private shenanigans of Silvio Berlusconi, PM at that time. Italy through the filter of ‘berlusconism’ philosophy had become a ridicolous circus, staging depressing shows. So…it made sense to spotlight that pathetic nonsense. Indulging in the luxury of denouncing, with a lot of smiling »

      -- Lorenzo Tricoli   

Lorenzo Tricoli is an artist who uses photography as his privileged expressive tool; in this case, to realize the project, he has chosen the modality of appropriation. The artistic gesture is confined within editing choices. Choosing the images, as a result of an extensive online search; choosing the extracts from Collodi’s novel, and then match them together. (...)

The book’s timeline is dictated from Collodi’s text, but the events represented in the images are not in chronological order. Through the notes, the mosaic of 20th century Italy is reassembled, and you might also be able to fantasize on possible links between facts apparently disconnected.

A journey amid the greatness, ambiguities, miseries, beauty, surreality, flashes of genius, insolence, madness, moral corruption, eccentricity and the many contradictions and chiaroscuros of 20th century Italy."

.PLEASE NOTE : we are offering a limited number of copies of both the Italian version (Skinnerboox, white cover) and the English version (d&books, black cover), please indicate which version you wish to receive upon ordering .

216 pages - Softcover

Skinnerboox (IT) / d&books (EN), 2016

Format : 14 x 21 cm

New - Mint condition

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Tricoli, Lorenzo

Photo : ©tricoli
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