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a photobook signed by the author Yann Audic

Text from the 3rd cover page by Julien Pham :

"Keep a low profile, blend in with the crowd. Like the hunter camouflaged in wild grass, like the schoolboy wearing short pants. As would the rhythm of a vinyl reaching the end of the track, tickled by the record player, your pulse gradually slows down, and attunes to the local rhythm. The air is soft and your foreigner's body adapts to this new scenery, where sounds use up the space, and time takes its time. The aim is to disappear, forget everything, switch gear. Gone is the gaijin with his dynamic clickety click, the unchanging tourist and his tics. With patience, you are finally ready ready to suck in this exotic ordinary. Through the lens, you've reached a place where the focus can be adjusted harmoniously, in the pursuit of an ecstatic normality.

Lose your bearings. The camera has no more agenda. The geography of instinct focuses on the wanderlust and loses the compass. Cross the road and walk up this long avenue, the balconies catch the corner of your eye. You get closer to this tower towering rooftops, three blocks from you; it's following in the steps of this skater, or that long-necked smoker. Grey wall faces, flowery places, building sites aplenty and highschool students in uniforms clear out the way to this vast forest. Essential discovery of the rural banality. Silhouettes perceived here and there, guided by an absent conductor's baton. Each gust of wind lets its gliding breath be felt and yet slips through the fingers. Little by little, each step taken draws a path. Everything here is beautiful and banal, vibrant and normal. Everything here is in its place, in these gliding masses, never breathless. Everything here evokes the years that have passed, the time spent seeking for some timeless convenience. The retro-futurist present suggests the ordinary. As this vision sharpens, finds its bearings and becomes normal. His daily routine becomes mine, as simple as 1 + 1. To the life, to the norm."

The text by Julien Pham is printed in English, French and Japanese.

112 pages - Softcover

Rue Du Bouquet, 2016 (500 copies)

Format : 17 x 24 cm

*Signed & Numbered*

New - Mint condition

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