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Publisher's presentation: [translated & adapted from the French text by L'Ascenseur Végétal]

"Denis Dailleux is famous for the unique and passionate portraitof Egypt he has been building for more than fifteen years. In a search for new creative spaces, he also visits Ghana regularly since 2009.

The fishermen of the port city of James Town, a former neighborhood of the capital city of Accra, became one of his favorite subjects. In this community, he finds a source of strong images : sea landscapes with ever changing skies, fishermen on their daily activites like a ballet, the daily life of women and children who are working on the shore…

Denis Dailleux explores new relations to body and space, to life and death, to religion, to the sea, that all renew his photography practice. The serenity, the self-evident beauty of the images re-enchant a world and territories that are currently threatened, and are - given this risk - all the more precious."

Texts in French and English.

112 pages - Hardcover

Le bec en l'air, 2016

Format : 20 x 29 cm


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