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.PLEASE NOTE: Our last copy has an imperfection to the plastic sleeve.

Publisher's presentation:

"During her time in North East China, Oskar Barnack Newcomer award winner Wiktoria Wojciechowska photographed intrepid, rain drenched cyclists as they fleetingly passed her by during the typhoon season.

Although in China Wojciechowska had found an unexpected sense of home, she also found it eternally difficult to connect with people. Influenced by the words of Polish novelist Wiesław Myśliwski, Wojciechowska set out to capture a physical reference to the human faces that sped past her, using a flash on her camera. The result is a collection of photographs that are initially exciting, vibrant and seemingly playful, but in fact embody a melancholic metaphor for a wistful sense of place.

The work exists as a typological document and, as Wojciechowska describes, a collection of faces for memory, building « a new family album to remember the people she never knew. »"

The series Short Flashes has won a number of awards including the Humanity Photo Award, International Photography Awards, Young Talents La Quatrieme Image, and Oskar Barnack Newcomer Award 2015.

Short Flashes was nominated for the Arles Author Book Award 2016.

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.PLEASE NOTE: Our last copy has an imperfection to the plastic sleeve, which display two slightly dog-eared corners... the book is not impacted.

48 pages - Softcover, in a plastic blue sleeve

Bemojake, 2016

Format : 30 x 42 cm


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