Détroits (*signed*)

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[translation by L'Ascenseur Végétal]

"Separation between two seas, two countries, two continents, the strait is also a symbolic space acting as a link, invisible but powerful, between peoples and cultures. At a moment where Europe is reflecting on its borders, Sébastien Sindeu explores this in-between, from the relentless maritime activity to the static dream of those who want to reach the other side.

His images grasp intimately life in the four straits – Bosphorus in Turkey, Gibraltar between Spain and Morocco, Øresund between Denmark and Sweden and Pas de Calais between France and England – and show the subtle subtiles correspondences that connect the maritime ports of Europe."

Text by Arno Bertina in French only.

120 pages - Hardcover

Le bec en l'air, 2012

Format 16 x 24 cm


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Sindeu, Sébastien

Sébastien Sindeu is a French photographer based in Bordeaux, member of Divergences. A natural attraction draws him regularly to the ocean coastlines and the realm of the seas, but he is also passionate about the matters of flows and mobility. His work about the main European straits was published as "Détroits" (Le Bec en l'air, 2012). In 2023, he publishes the photobook "La montagne qui marche" ["The Mountain that Walks"] (Studio Kochab) about the erosion of the coastline along the Atlantic coast in the Médoc region. Sébastien Sindeu was part for several years of the collective LesAssociés with whom he published " D'ici ça ne paraît pas si loin " (Le Bec en l'air, 2020), a survey of the new French region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine in the times of the fusion of regions in France and arrival of the fast-train TGV line in Bordeaux. © Portrait taken from the Divergences website
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