Abjure (*signed*)

@ Bart, David



Presentation on the artist's website :

"The Earth is in its primordial state, made of glaciers and volcanoes. Untouched, rough, wild, landscapes are an invitation to humility.

Geocentric and anthropocentric visions have long coexisted. Galileo was facing an impossible task: to prove that the visible (the apparent rotation of the sun around the Earth) was a mistake, contrary to the predominant religious belief. The paradigm shift was too strong, even dizzying. In 1633, threatened with torture, he abjured.

This photographic serie questions man’s parochial vision and short-term approach vis-à-vis his environment, hence his destiny.

In recontextualizing The Popular Astronomy illustrations in real, contemporary environments and time frames, he reveals a singular metamorphosis: that of landscape turning into sign."

In the book you will find a code to allow access to the short film Open Air and to the soundtrack that form a whole with the book.

The Abjure series is exhibited at Le CentQuatre in Paris until June 26th, 2016 as part of the "Circulation(s) 2016" festival, and also at Espace Saint-Rémi in Bordeaux until April 30th, 2016 as part of the "Itinéraires des photographes Voyageurs" festival.

NB : The texts in French and in Latin are translated in english at the end of the book (text in Latin are also translated into French).

48 pages - Softcover w/ flaps

lux magnifica, 2015 (400 copies)

Format 24 x 16 cm


New - Mint condition