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Publisher's presentation :
   [translation by L'Ascenseur Végétal]

"Discover the unique work of French-Chinese photographer Zeng Nian in this portfolio of 60 numbered prints, signed by the artist. This amazing case contains, outside of a selection of 60 of the best panoramic images of the artist, three text booklets (one in each language : English, Chinese, French), a wood stand to present the portfolio, and a pair of gloves to handle the prints.

These 60 images testify of a humanist approach to photography, simple and fond of a beautiful image, sometimes displaying the charactieristics of the traditional Chinese prints. The images, made mainly in Chian, France and the USA, are linked in a game of connections that associate water, iron, fire, wood and earth, the five elements that were used - according to the ancient Chinese - to build our planet. The locomotives reply to the lotus flowers, the rice fields to the cathedrals. As for man, who often counts as nothing in the eye of his contemporaries, Zeng Nian puts him back in his right place. He is the subject of our contemplation, a god almost.

This precious object, durable, allows the lovers of photography and artist books, the collectors, to admire in a somptuous jewelry case the impressive photography work of Zeng Nian.

The 60 prints, of the highest quality, can be framed individually, presented as an exhibition or as interior ornament in a company, hotel, institution...."

All the images in the portfolio are stamp-numbered and bear a stamp with the artist's name, but only one of the images is actually hand-signed by the artist.

The booklet (actually 3 booklets, one in each language : Chinese, English, French), printed on thick stock,  contains a text by Guy Boyer, a text by Zeng Nian, an interview of the artist published in 2012 in a Chinese newspaper, and the captions of all the images, reproduced as thumbnails.

The case size is 72 x 36 x 6 cm (28 1/3" x 14 1/6" x 2 1/3").

A video showcasing the portfolio is available here.

For our French-speaking (or French-reading :-) audience, an article has been written about this portfolio on the Polka Magazine website.

Portfolio of 60 images & 3 booklets of 28 pages - With wood stand, presented in a linen covered hard case

Editions Lieux-Dits, 2015 (500 copies)


New - Mint condition

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