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Presentation on the publisher's website:

"These photographs are dedicated to the Blaue Horse group. This group or movement of young people, many of whom were students in my home city at the end of the 1950s, deep in the Soviet times, loved the Beatles, danced to rock and roll, and dreamt about the freedom of the West.

They came under great pressure from the government ... four of them were convicted and went to jail ... for pornography (convicting someone for madness or pornography was one of the ways used to crack down on any opposition).

As one of the main proofs, the court was presented with photographs of these young people on the beach, in swimwear, striking "Western" poses. ... I started with my photography about five years later; it was the time when it was forbidden to shoot many- or almost all - thing, but no one kills for it already...

                  --  Boris Mikhailov "

This book was published in conjunction with the exhibition "Boris Mikhailov : Ukraine" held at Camera (Centro Italiano per la Fotografia) in Milan from October 1st, 2015 to January 10th, 2016 and curated by Francesco Zanot.

A book that shows the crazy world of Boris Mikhailov, his obsession with bodies and sex, his attraction to strange behaviors, but also the cultural and historical aspects that come to light in transparency... all this with elements of scrapbooking (coloring, collages, etc).

430 pages - Hardcover

Walther Koenig, 2015

New - Mint condition

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