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Publisher's presentation :

"Through means of darkroom experimentation, Daisuke Yokota layers sheets of unused large format color film and applies unorthodox developing methods before scanning the results. The mixing and manipulation of the film's chemicals produces vibrant and liquescent compositions that create forms reminiscent of fractal geometry and telescope images of the cosmos.

Illustrated with 83 images of the artist's abstract color photography, a body of work distinct from the black and white images for which he is known.

Published in conjunction with Yokota's first solo show in the United States at Harper's Books, East Hampton, September 26 - December 1, 2015."

Joint publication by Harper's Books (New York) and Flying Books (Tokyo).

NB : Please find in the "More Info" tab a presentation in more details of the exhibition for which this book was published.

Limited edition of 750 copies, with a choice of 5 stamp foil colors for the text on the cover (150 copies per color) : black, red, blue, green or yellow. Please feel free to indicate your choice of color upon ordering.

Approx. 100 pages - Hardcover

Harper's Books / Flying Books, 2015

New - Mint condition

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Presentation of the 2015 exhibition on Harper's Books' website :

"Harper’s Books and Flying Books, Tokyo, are excited to announce an exhibition of new work by Daisuke Yokota, on view from September 26 through December 1 in East Hampton. The show will open with a public reception for the artist on Saturday, September 26, from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. Additionally, we are pleased to release Daisuke Yokota: Color Photographs, a new publication dedicated to the artist's exploration of color photography.

Color Photographs marks Daisuke Yokota’s first exhibition in the United States. Celebrated internationally for his interdisciplinary and energetic approach to art and bookmaking, this show will focus on the artist's experiments with color photography. With this series, as Yokota explains, he “tried not to take pictures,” and instead sought to “draw out the physical aspect of film.” Yokota layered sheets of unused large format color film and applied unorthodox developing methods before scanning the results. Here, documentation is replaced with darkroom alchemy in order to show that the essence of photography rests not necessarily with the camera, but in film itself.

Within the legacy of the Provoke school, Yokota is working to redefine the role of image-making in the post-photography age. If his predecessors sought to destroy photography, Yokota has left the camera entirely behind. This practice upends the assumption that photography only records images from the world, and instead accentuates the physical particularities of an evolving medium. Yokota’s focus on the materiality of film has produced a series of abstract images, seemingly transparent and liquescent in form. Taken together, Yokota’s ecstatic colors and unexpected shapes establish a new language for color photography.

Daisuke Yokota was born in Saitama, Japan, and currently lives and works in Tokyo. In addition to multiple international group exhibitions, Yokota’s work has been featured at the Foam Photography Museum, Amsterdam, the Rencontres d’Arles and Paris Photo, France.

Yokota is the recipient of numerous awards for his work, including the John Kobal Residency Award at Photo London 2015, the Excellence Award at Canon New Cosmos of Photography 2008, the Epson Color Imaging Contest Award 2008, and the Grand Prize at 1_WALL 2010. In 2014, his book Vertigo was nominated for the Aperture Foundation Photobook Awards. Yokota is represented by G/P Gallery, Tokyo."

Yokota, Daisuke

Daisuke Yokota , b. 1983, Saitama, Japan, has developped a body of work that is recognizable; as he often re-photographs his prints and devotes a lot of time to work in the dark room where he works on experimenting chemicals, solarizations, etc, a practice that often gives a specific feel and texture to his images. Photo : © Flo Kohl
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