Arctique (2nd edition)

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Publisher's presentation :

"From Scandinavia to the northernmost islands of Nunavut (Canada), we are invited by Vincent Munier to discover a breathtakingly beautiful, fascinating wild world: polar bears and foxes, caribous, muskoxen, arctic hares, snowy owls and even a magical encounter, when a pack of nine wolves surrounded the photographer! "

Presenting a "wildlife" photobook on L'Ascenseur Végétal is a first, but the work showcased here is just too beautiful to be ignored... In addition to the courage and tenacity that are necessary to carry out this type of expedition in the "Great North", Vincent Munier clearly has a very sharp eye to catch the portraits of such rare animals, but he also brought back from his stays breathtaking landscapes.

Somewhere between the "photobook" (as it can be understood in photo festivals in Arles, Kassel, Amsterdam, New York or Paris) and the "coffee table book" (beautiful images appealing to a larger audience), here is Arctique, really strong photography and a magnificent book !

Arctique has been produced in an independant manner, through "Kobalann", Vincent Munier's own imprint. Since the first edition of 8,000 copies is now sold out, we are offering copies of the second edition.

In addition, this book is a beautifully crafted object, with high quality printing and a nice choice of papers. The book itself displays only the images, without captions; and there's an accompanying booklet that includes texts by Vincent Munier written during his arctic trips (French only), and all images are reprinted as thumbnails with captions identifying animals and locations (French only). Both elements are inserted in a soft cardboard sleeve.

NB : A Limited Edition of this book has been produced in 100 copies, presented in a clamshell box, and available at the price of 500 €. This edition includes a signed copy of the book, and a fine art print of the pack of wolves, made and signed by the artist (image is 18 x 27 cm on a 21 x 30 cm sheet. Please contact us if interested.

Book : 264 pages - Hardcover / Booklet : 48 pages - Softcover

Kobalann, 2015 (2nd edition 2016)

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