List of photobooks by photographer Monférier, Elie

Élie Monférier is a self-taught French photographer.

After obtaining a graduate degree in literature, he focused his energy towards photography. He found his way in presenting his work through self-published zines and books. 

In 2018, he joins the Bordeaux-based collective LesAssociés and takes part in producing the series and work published in the collective's book "D'ici, ça ne paraît pas si loin" (le bec en l'air, 2020).

After self-publishing several zines, he self-publishes his first (handmade) book "Sang Noir" [Black Blood] - around the hunting culture in the southwestern French region of Les Landes - which was later awarded "Best self-published photobook" at PHotoESPAÑA 2020.

In 2021, he publishes "Fable" with Italian publisher Origini Edizioni.

In 2021 as well, the series "Sang Noir" is part of the exhibitions at the "Circulation(s)" festival in Paris, and the series "Fable" is exhibitied at the "Promenades photographiques" festival in Vendôme, France.

© Self-portrait of the artist

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  • Presentation by the artist: " Fable invites us to seek in everything the overthrow of the known, to call on vertigo, excess, unreason, in order to reconnect with nature and limitlessness, in a brutal confrontation with what is. The photographic gesture tends here towards the visceral and the origin. It is a photographic meditation on the duality of the...

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  • Presentation by the artist : "Nowadays, it is complicated to do street photography in France because of the issue of image ownership rights. Paradoxically, France is the country in which this genre was born in the 1930s, with Cartier Bresson, Doisneau, Ronis, Brassaï and Capa. Unheeded Warnings was self-published so as to be distributed on the margins of...

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