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Gordon Parks is an American photographer, director and civil rights activist.

Struggling in his teens and early adulthood, Parks worked various petty jobs, including singer and pianist. He started his photographer career before WWII as a fashion photographer.

Along with Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans, he is one of the emblematic photographers of the Farm Security Administration photography program documenting the plight of the farm workers during and after the Great Depression.

After WWII he became a sought-after photo-reporter and regularly worked for important magazines such as Life, Vogue and Fortune.

Gordon Parks is also an emblematic director of the early Blaxploitation genre as he directed the 1971 cult classic, and one of the first and most successful movie of the genre, "Shaft".

His photography work has been shown in numerous books since the fifties. The German publisher Steidl has undertaken since 2012 the publication of his most important work, publishing - among others - the foillowing books: "A Harlem Family 1967" (2012), "Segregation Story" (2014), "Muhammad Ali: American Champion" (2019) and "The Atmosphere of Crime, 1967" (2020).

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  • .Copies of the 2nd printing of this books are now in stock!. Presentation by Steidl: " When Life magazine asked Gordon Parks to illustrate a recurring series of articles on crime in the United States in 1957, he had already been a staff photographer for nearly a decade, the first African American to hold this position. Parks embarked on a six-week journey...

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  • .Sold out. Presentation by Steidl: "Segregation Story features a broad selection of images – most of them published for the first time – from Gordon Parks’ powerful 1956 photographic series documenting the « Restraints: Open and Hidden » on an extended African American family persevering in the segregated South. Originally commissioned for Life magazine,...

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