List of photobooks by photographer Cazenave, Jon

Jon Cazenave is a Spanish Basque photographer.

Presentation on the artist's website:

" His approach to photography starts from an intimate anthropological perspective and develops into a language that incorporates the ancestral sign and symbol to contemporary creation. He works in the field of introspective questioning and the apprehension of knowledge through doubt and inner investigation, taking place in the universe that surrounds him. An attempt of a better understanding of the world but created through the internal study of oneself. "

Jon Cazenave has published several books, including "Ama Lur" (Dalpine, 2015), and "Galerna", co-published by Dalpine and Atelier EXB in 2020 in an enlarged version,  after an initial self-published book of the same name in 2011.

© Portrait taken from the artist's biography on the website of Tabakalera

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  • PLEASE NOTE: We are offering only the "Atelier EXB" version of this book (French / English version) Presentation by Atelier EXB: " For over ten years, Basque photographer Jon Cazenave has undertaken a long-term project questioning his identity, entitled Galerna (storm in Basque). Devoting himself to his close surroundings: the sea, the mountains, the...

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  • .Last copies. Publisher's presentation : "AMA LUR is the closing chapter of Galerna, an investigation project that Jon Cazenave embarked on 8 years ago. In the course of these years, the artist has compiled a visual repertoire of the Basque people’s idiosyncrasy and aesthetics, in an attempt to unravel his homeland’s political intricacy from an...

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