List of photobooks by photographer Georgiou, George

George Georgiou is a British photographer of Greek descent.

He has worked extensively in the Balkans, in Eastern Europe and Turkey. He usually works on long-term projects and focuses on identity, culture and the idea of a community.

He self-published the photobooks "Last Stop" (2015) and "Americans Parade" (2019).

© Portrait taken from the European Borderlines website (uncredited)

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  • .Sold out. Presentation by the artist:  " Americans Parade is a parade of Americans. One after the other, from one community to the next, building up a picture of Americans in the United States in 2016, the year Donald Trump was elected, a year when Americas division have never been more pronounced. I have visited the United States several times over the...

  • .Last copy!.Introduction to the project on the Kickstarter crowdfunding page : "In 2008 I returned to London having spent the last nine years living and working in Eastern Europe and Turkey and was surprised by the speed of change that had taken place. I wanted to document the city, its movements and migrations, its landscape and architecture, its...

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