List of photobooks by photographer Brykczynski, Jan

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  • Publisher's presentation: "The Gardener is the winning project of the inaugural Syngenta Photography Award. Photographed by Jan Brykczynski, it is an extension of his previous projects in which he travelled to the outer corners of Europe to explore the lives of people in rural areas. This new work looks at how city dwellers try to connect with nature. The...

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  • .Our last copies are offered with a reduced price (49 € instead of 55 €) as they have a very small bump to one corner. Boiko is the name of a people living in the Carpathian mountains (also spelled "Boyko"), in Ukraine and Poland, and belonging to la larger group of people called "Rusyns".Novelist Taras Prokhasko, cited on Jan Brykczynski's website,...

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