Photobooks published by Magenta Foundation

Magenta Foundation is a Canadian Charitable Organization and publisher.

From their website: « The Magenta Foundation is a trailblazing charitable arts-publishing house that consistently showcases the work of talented artists on a global scale, drawing attention to under-represented and emerging artists with powerful exhibitions and a roster of impressive international publications. Our unique arts programs for emerging artists and high school students allows us to foster the future talent in Canada coast to coast. »

In 15 years of exitence, they have published over 100 photobooks and art books.

In 2021 Magenta Foundation published Tim Franco's photobook "Unperson" about North Korean defectors.

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  • Presentation by Magenta Foundation: " Unperson is one of the first photo books of North Korean defectors. The 15 intimate portraits and the stories of the brave people who decided to take that chance to flee to South Korea. The road to South Korea is dangerous and can take years with the many different borders of Mongolia, Laos, Thailand and China. The...

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