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Presentation on Building Books's website:

" Building Books is a publishing house focused on landscapes and built forms. These worlds come to life through stories and photographs, artistic and social experiments, by artists and thinkers with distinct points of view. For Building Books, architecture is a starting point, a pretext for taking a sensitive, enlightened and considered interest in the environment in which it exists and in the ways it is understood by its inhabitants and the broader public. "

In 2020, Building Books publishes Myr Muratet's first photobook "Paris Nord".

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    Presentation by Building Books : " First monograph by Myr Muratet, Paris Nord offers a sensitive look at the fragile, precarious and inventive forms developed by populations living on the margins. Through images taken from the photographer's major series (Paris-Nord, Wasteland, CityWalk, The flora of the wasteland), we discover the interstices of the city...

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