List of photobooks by photographer Muratet, Myr

Myr Muratet is a French photographer of the urban and the surburban.

Excerpt of the presentation / biography on the artist's website:

" « He was born in Paris. His work involves cities, both those he lives in and those he visits, and he carries it out from within their very sinews. The comings and goings in the places that he observes multiply according to his encounters with the people he photographs. This work has been under way for several years and has no determinate duration; in this way, he has created Paris-Nord, a series of photographs begun in 2003, about the people who use the Gare du Nord and about the mechanisms put in place to coerce and contain them. »

  -- Manuel Joseph       "

In 2020, his first photobook "Paris Nord" is published by Building Books.

© Portrait (uncredited) taken from an interview on the French website d'a (d'Architectures)

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    Presentation by Building Books : " First monograph by Myr Muratet, Paris Nord offers a sensitive look at the fragile, precarious and inventive forms developed by populations living on the margins. Through images taken from the photographer's major series (Paris-Nord, Wasteland, CityWalk, The flora of the wasteland), we discover the interstices of the city...

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