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Kawade Shobo Shinsha is a publishing company that boasts a long history stretching back to 1886. Kawade is active in publishing across many genres, including literature, the humanities, social science, art, how-to books, children's books, and the quarterly journal Bungei. The Bungei Prize, which was established in 1962, honors literature from new authors that got their start in Bungei, and it is now considered a gateway to success for new writers in Japan. It has produced numerous authors who have both skill and talent, such as Amy Yamada (Bedtime Eyes) and Risa Wataya (Install).

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  • Publisher's presentation: "After his debut work Sachin won the Taiyo Award in 1964, Nobuyoshi Araki’s photos had been selected for publication in a magazine. Due to the printing methods of the time, they asked he send in the actual negatives, which were then never sent back to him. While in 1994, Araki’s debut work was re-issued as Sachin - an outtake,...

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