List of photobooks by photographer Gaffney, Paul

Paul Gaffney is an Irish photographer with a interest in landscape, nature, trees and the vegetal realm.

Paul Gaffney usually self-publishes his work; his book We Make the Path by Walking , long sold out, was shortlisted for the Kassel Photobook Award 2013 and the European Publishers Award 2013.

Paul Gaffney is represented by Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin.

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  • .Signed copies back in stock. Presentation of the photobook by Paul Gaffney: "Walking through the Luxembourgish Ardennes, Gaffney documented his wanderings using polaroids. Later, he re-explored certain routes after nightfall, to photograph under the light of the full moon. Bathed in its soft otherworldly glow, the forest’s narrow steep valleys evoke a...

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  • .Sold out.We Make the Path by Walking is the book of a walker, one that is more a stroller than a hiker. Through his images, made of soft colours, and often in a haze or fog, the author wishes to engage us in watching the Nature around us, and to meditate on this beauty, and the influence of the beauty of path on the process and result of the journey...A...

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