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UGLY DOG, named in the memory of Elsa, is the imprint under which Sohrab Hura's books will be published.

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    .Final copies. PLEASE NOTE: I am trying to keep this book at a reasonable price and, due to a high demand and more specifically to resellers asking crazy prices for the book already, I am kindly requesting that each order and customer be limited to one copy only. Thank you for your understanding. #KeepItAffordable / claude- Presentation by Ugly Dog: " «...

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  • .Last copies available.Presentation by Sohrab Hura: "Over the years when my mother's condition started to improve I started to photograph at home more. Apart from my mother the focus of the photographs also included her dog Elsa who had been her sole companion at home for many years and also the house itself whose condition deteriorated or improved as my...

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  • .Sold out.Presentation on the Magnum Photos website: "In the summer of 1999, when he was only 17, Sohrab Hura's mother was diagnosed with acute paranoid schizophrenia. «Life is Elsewhere is a journal of my life, my family, my love, my friends, my travels, my sheer need to experience all that is about to disappear and so in a way I’m attempting to connect...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items