List of photobooks by photographer Gilden, Bruce

Bruce Gilden is an American photographer, member of the Magnum Photos agency.

Bruce Gilden is famous for his street portraits, often in close-ups with prominent use of a flash.

In 2019, Editions Xavier Barral (French edition) and Thames & Hudson (English edition) publish the book "Lost and Found" that presents early work from Gilden's career, when his trademark style of taday was not yet full-fledged.

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  • Presentation by Editions Xavier Barral: " New York 1978-1984, the first images of the North American photographer and member of the Magnum Photos agency, recently discovered in his archives after moving house and published in this book for the first time. Among the thousands of original images, most of which are new, even for their author, Bruce Gilden...

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  • .Sold out. Publisher's presentation : "A defining characteristic of Bruce Gilden’s photography is his creative attraction to what he calls «characters», and he has been tracking them down all through his career. Growing up in Brooklyn with what he describes as a «tough guy» of a father, Bruce Gilden developed a love of the streets, often calling them his...

  • Cette série est une ode aux ouvriers et manuels - à tous les niveaux - qui rendent possible "le plus grand chantier d'Europe" de l'époque, le percement du tunnel sous la Manche. Par des images simples, Bruce Gilden restaure dans ce livre ce qu'il appelle le culte de "l'ouvrier-héros".   Ce livre est le "Cahier 13" de la collection "Mission Photographique...

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